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This page describes the key topics included in the TobaccoUnmaskedSouth.Asia website.


Includes pages related to global and national tobacco control laws and policies and their implementation

  • FCTC – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and it’s articles
  • National Laws – Regulations and policies related to tobacco control in the countries of the South Asia Region
  • Global Tobacco Industry Tactics - Tobacco industry tactics used to interfere in tobacco related policies and actions

Tobacco Industry

Includes pages directly related to the tobacco industry under following themes;

Tobacco Industry Activities

Includes pages on tobacco industry actions and strategies under following themes;

  • activities themed as ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ actions of the tobacco industry or a subsidiary
  • sponsorship of social events by the industry or its employees (using the company name and/or the title)
  • any other sponsorship by the tobacco industry or its employees (using the company name and/or the title)

Tobacco Industry Arguments and Responses

Includes pages on responses and reactions of the tobacco industry under following themes;

Institutions Linked to the Tobacco Industry

Includes pages institutions in the South Asia Region reported to date to have had any interactions with tobacco industry or their proxies under following themes;

  • Commissioned or Sponsored – Institutions commissioned or sponsored by the tobacco industry
  • Consultants – Institutions with a history of provision of consultancy services to the tobacco industry
  • Indirect Links – Institutions sponsored or commissioned by institutions directly linked to the tobacco industry
  • Institutions with Mutual Associates - Institutions in which Directors/employees of tobacco industry are Directors/employees/members
  • Institutions Governed by Tobacco Industry – Institutions in which executive positions are assigned to tobacco industry employees or directors as a representative of the tobacco industry
  • Partnerships – Institutions that facilitated projects with the tobacco industry or partnered in tobacco industry activities

Individuals associated with the Tobacco Industry

Includes pages on politicians, government officials, celebrities, academics, researchers, professionals and other public/popular figures in the South Asia Region to have had any interaction reported to date with tobacco industry under following categories;